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Privally Compliance Pack

Jump Start Offer, containing the essential features to start adequacy journey. Is an Acceleration package.

Main Features:

  • Cookie consent engine

  • Holder case management

  • Compliance insights

  • Security check 

  • Access Support team - Privally Exper 

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Platform Features

Privally Compliance Pack is a bundle containing the essential resources to start and drive the adequacy journey in Brazilian Privacy Regulation - LGPD - Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados. 

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Avoid Fines
Government fines for companies that do not comply can range from 2% the previous year's revenues to R $ 50 million, through daily penalties 

Preserve your customers

The Adequacy concerns about Brazilian LGPD not limited only to his company, but all their supply chain. Your business must be compliant, avoiding an eventual contractual instability for its customers.

Your company ready for the market

Companies in compliance with Data Privacy Regulation stand out and will be recognized as respectable companies , avoiding government fines.  

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Privally built a dedicated team of experts in Data Protection Regulation, who care deeply about their customers, their craft and their community.

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"I help companies Small and Mid Size companies in LGPD adequacy journey"

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